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NYT journalist who infiltrated Israel with Hamas on Oct 7th wins prestigious award

Honest Reporting points out the suspicious timing of journalist Yousef Masoud’s arrival during the Hamas invasion.

A photojournalist for the New York Times who allegedly infiltrated into Israel on October 7th was awarded a prestigious Polk Award for “delving into every angle of the conflict with unflinching eyes.”

However, Honest Reporting points out the suspicious timing of journalist Yousef Masoud’s arrival during the Hamas invasion.

Masoud, who was given the Polk Award for photojournalism along with journalist  Samar Abu Elouf, said he was on the scene so early because he was awakened at 5:30 am by the sound of rockets.

However, Hamas didn’t start firing missiles into Israel until an hour later at 6:30 am.

Among the other photos Masoud took of Hamas terrorists and their victims on October 7th was a picture of terrorists sitting atop an Israeli tank and waving a Palestinian flag.

Masoud’s name was listed among other journalists who were the subject of Honest Reporting‘s investigative report revealing that several journalists working for The New York Times, APReuters, and CNN may have had prior knowledge of the Hamas terror attacks and may have met up with Hamas members while they were committing atrocities.

In response to the investigative report and criticism from Israeli officials, the news outlets denied that their organizations had prior knowledge of Hamas’s plans to invade Israel.

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[Anonymous] 20:54 02.03.2024
This NYT so called “journalist” is in cahoots with the Hamas terrorists. The cabal doesn’t fool me nor millions of people worldwide with their tactics.
Ani Brieger 20:21 02.03.2024
New York Times is known to be antisemitic.
mo colar 02:22 25.02.2024
One day he'll get his due big time SCUM BAG
[email protected] 06:53 24.02.2024
The New York Times should adapt an appropriate symbol: the Swastika
Tony Pettitt 02:42 24.02.2024
New York Times should be sued for having knowledge of the attack and not informing the proper law enforcement so it would not have been a surprise
[Anonymous] 02:05 24.02.2024
Mainstream media fawning over each other’s lies…same song, 10,000th verse
Sandy Grant 02:03 24.02.2024
I agree with Michael!
Ken Jones 02:03 24.02.2024
Man 🧍‍♂️ wants praise even being an allied to evil shame on mankind for their pride, no concern for the victims
[Anonymous] 01:59 24.02.2024
Of course he had prior knowledge of the attack. No way should he win an award for displaying the atrocities of Hamas.
Michael T 01:21 24.02.2024
Journalists should be charged with every hamas captive of war crimes!!!
Linda Erhardt 00:09 24.02.2024
Hamas and News media always lies.
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