Media Bias Against Israel
If the NYTs doesn't report it - did it happen?

Lilach Sigan, an Israeli journalist tweeted:
"On January 1st 2022 two rockets were fired from Gaza into central Israel, exploding over the sea. The NYTs did not mention this incident on its homepage, in the World section, or in the subsection Middle East. As far as their readers are concerned - this did not happen."

NEWSRAEL The media bias against Israel is intolerable and must stop! - What do you think? Tell us in the comment section!

# Media Bias # Palestinian Lies
22:33 05.01.2022
And the BBC is even more biased! I know, hard to believe it is possible!
Michael Sosne 11:45 04.01.2022
Just totally boycott the nyt They will never ever tell the truth about what is happening to ISREAL. They have been anti semits for years. JEWISH haters ALL of them. STRENGTH and ACTION
04:11 04.01.2022
Yes, I’m in agreement with your prayer!!!
Moshe Moses 04:09 04.01.2022
New York times, will never tell the truth when it comes Israel,because it hates & supports Israel enemies, lovers of Israel should boycott this useless dishonest so called news paper 🇮🇱
Nellie Fierro 04:07 04.01.2022
I’m asking for forgiveness on behalf of what the US is doing to Israel
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