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WATCH: Alan Dershowitz – ‘The US is allowing Hamas to win’

Alan Dershowitz strongly criticized the Biden administration for its policies restricting Israeli movement in Gaza.

Dershowitz- "You do not win an election in America by turning against our ally Israel and supporting Hamas. The Biden administration is making a terrible mistake".



Source: WIN and Fox News. 

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[Anonymous] 02:58 03.03.2024
The only thing important to Obiden is $$$!
[Anonymous] 02:46 03.03.2024
I stand for Israel
John Ross 02:21 03.03.2024
Dirty Biden he hates Israel and the Jews ever since he was lectured by Begin and holds .. Biden is a demented piece of shit run by the Obama Muslim
Alexa Foley 06:02 24.02.2024
Has Dershowitz overlooked biolabs Nazis in Ukraine?
Alexa Foley 05:53 24.02.2024
Obummer acted shamefully to Israel; now directs Obiden in his third term.
[Anonymous] 05:32 24.02.2024
Shows who he is really being lead by and it is not G d
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