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The Defense Establishment is preparing for revenge attacks

Following the death of arch Islamic terrorist Daoud Zbeidi the possibility of revenge attacks vastly increases.

The defense establishment is preparing today (Monday) for the possibility of revenge attacks. In the Jenin refugee camp, Palestinians threatened revenge attacks for the death of Zbeidi. The fear is the terrorists will implement terror plans against soldiers and civilians.

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Cynthia H 17:52 16.07.2022
Terrorists are a bunch of cowards.
CaptJinx Marine 13:11 16.05.2022
Refugee camp, of what Hamas. Go through the camp like you mean it.
Henry Lee 12:26 16.05.2022
Prepare for the unexpected. With these terrorists you never know when they will attack. God bless.!
Jovica Zivkovski 11:59 16.05.2022
I know real Hamar terrorist in sweden that is segling wepons to egypt and now body cars
10:58 16.05.2022
Let’s do it, death to all terrorist and to their leaders. Enough talking and come and receive your sweets 🍭 🍬