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Israel Kills 15 Terrorists in Hamas Command Center Inside UNRWA School

The war room was embedded in a UN Relief and Works Agency school in the central Gaza area of Nuseirat

Israeli aircraft killed 15 terrorists in a strike on a Hamas command center located inside a UNRWA school on Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The war room was embedded in a UN Relief and Works Agency school in the central Gaza area of Nuseirat. According to the IDF, at least 10 of the terror operatives killed were members of Hamas with the rest being members of other terror groups. The Hamas terrorists included members of the elite Nukhba force, which played a leading role in the October 7 attacks on Israeli communities.

The IDF’s announcement included a map of the school compound along with the location of the Hamas war room.

“The Hamas war room had been used by the terrorist organization to plan multiple attacks against IDF troops in central Gaza in recent weeks. The Hamas terrorist organization systematically exploits the civilian population and institutions as human shields for their terrorist activities against the State of Israel,” the military said.

UNRWA, which supports Palestinian refugees, has been under fire for months, with Israeli officials demanding the agency be stripped of its authority in Gaza and defunded amid revelations that members of the agency’s staff participated in Hamas’s October 7 attacks. The Israeli government is bypassing UNRWA in distributing humanitarian aid.

Israeli intelligence incriminating 12 staffers of their participation, including using UNRWA vehicles and facilities during the massacres was leaked to The New York Times. Afterward, The Wall Street Journal reported that one in 10 UNRWA employees is either an active member of or has ties to Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Israel’s largest bank froze UNRWA’s account over suspicious financial transfers that the agency failed to adequately explain.

In February, Israeli forces discovered a Hamas complex located directly under the UNRWA’s Gaza City headquarters and connected directly to the agency’s electricity system. The facility included numerous computer servers belonging to the terror group.

Reports released by IMPACT-SE and UN Watch documented UNRWA employees expressing support for the attacks on social media.

Soldiers found missiles hidden among UNRWA relief supplies while sacks belonging to the agency were filled with dirt and used in the lining of tunnels.

Jerusalem’s deputy mayor accused UNRWA of undermining Israeli sovereignty over the city, among other things.

On May 4, Israel struck another Hamas facility inside a UNRWA complex.

Palestinian refugees are the only refugee population with its own dedicated UN agency. The rest of the world’s refugees fall under the mandate of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Israeli officials have called for UNRWA to be closed and for Palestinian refugees to be brought under the responsibility of the UNHCR.

The UNRWA’s definition of refugees not only includes the original refugees but also their descendants in perpetuity, including those who have citizenship in other countries. The UNHCR definition does not confer refugee status on descendants.

At least 1,200 people were killed and 240 Israelis and foreigners were taken hostage in Hamas’s attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza border on October 7. Around 30 of the remaining 132 hostages are believed dead.

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Janie FREELAND 14:17 17.05.2024
UN has survived taking from the Palestinian people who they was supposed to take care of UN is a snake in the grass
[Anonymous] 20:20 16.05.2024
The UN wants to rule the world but God will rule this world. He’s let us see how awful it is by releasing His flood of truth, for His largest revival ever. UN thought God was gone! Surprise!
Aliza Circle 22:05 15.05.2024
Hamas and jihad things that UNRWA would protect them. Ha. They can try. As long as UNRWA is in Israel 🇮🇱 and doing illegal things, such as October 7th, they would be removed.
[Anonymous] 19:04 15.05.2024
The UN is terrorist and thus demonic ridden!! Do not trust ANY of them.
[Anonymous] 19:03 15.05.2024
You’re making progress… keep going!! We love you Israel!! Stay strong. Rid YOUR land of all the vermin you have tried to co exist with. Oct 7 proved that can NEVER EVER be!
Lee Field 18:51 15.05.2024
1 UNWRA facilitating it's compounds to house ,plan,store weapons, and attack Israeli forces understanding Gaza is compacted it does not justify using human shields
Mindy Chotiner 15:09 15.05.2024
UNWRA is a TERORIST organization!! They need to be disbanded and extinguished
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