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Netanyahu has one week to find majority, prevent Israeli elections

With the dramatic announcement on Monday evening by coalition leaders Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid of their intention to dissolve Israel’s government, the nation began bracing itself for its fifth round of elections in three years.

A proposed date of Oct. 25 has already been set. However, elections could still be avoided if opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu succeeds in forming a government before the Knesset is dissolved. Can he do it?

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi - Flash90

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Wane V. 03:06 24.06.2022
May YAHWEH be with you. Remember what Solomon asked the LORD when what he wanted most prior to being King of Israel. He said WISDOM...G-D gave him that and much more. Am Israel chai
Wane V. 03:02 24.06.2022
Mr Bebe, seek the Sovereign God of Israel and allow ( HIS Ruach Holy Spirit )Hakodesh to lead you. He IS the God of Israel, in fact.
Wane V. 02:59 24.06.2022
Absolutely, he can. Use a "moralistic finetooth comb" and seek Almighty Yahweh for guidance and who you should select to be on your" ship" . You've been in this business for a long time now...
Robbie Temple 02:23 24.06.2022
Yes he can. And I hope and pray that he does to
Bobby Barnett 02:19 24.06.2022
Go for it Brother you can do it praying for me!
Maurice Shoshan 02:19 24.06.2022
And particularly without the Arabs
La Jun 02:12 24.06.2022
Remove all the rats first
02:02 24.06.2022
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