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Biden promised to refill oil reserves at a profit. Now prices are too high.

Emergency reserves have plunged to four-decade low, gone to China under Biden

President Joe Biden promised to refill America's emergency oil reserves at a low enough price to "actually make money for the taxpayers." Now, his Energy Department says prices are too high to do so, ensuring that the country's emergency reserves will remain low.

The Biden administration last week rejected all offers it received to purchase oil for the country's dwindling reserves because those offers "were either too expensive or didn't meet the required specifications," Bloomberg reported Friday. 

The move comes just weeks after the White House said it would "turn a profit for the taxpayers" by buying up to three million reserve barrels at a reduced cost, which Biden's Energy Department pledged to obtain by February.

Biden's failure to follow through on the purchase means that America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve will remain at its lowest level since 1983, at least in the short term. When Biden took office, the reserve contained more than 600 million barrels—that number is now less than 400 million. 

Source: Washington Free Beacon

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22:58 12.01.2023
MInstream media defends Biden and will work it out to his favor. They all have committed Treason to this Country. Do you believe they will be held accountable?
Grover Johnson 22:52 12.01.2023
I agree, Steven where is the lying main stream media ?
22:48 12.01.2023
Biden is not very honest. He disgrace the people we trust in America and the world too
Jeane Frady 22:48 12.01.2023
Fool should have never shut down the pipeline. We were energy independent. He’s broken the oath since sworn in.
Jeffrey Bakst 23:27 10.01.2023
The demented buffoon is a treasonous traitor that must be punished for treason!!! Why did the dumb majority of Jews in america vote for this treasonous anti semetic criminal
steven roth 21:53 10.01.2023
And where is cnn abc, nbc and cbs asking about it ?’why isn’t so called mainstream media asking
Bernard Baum 21:24 10.01.2023
Major lying c*nt