Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu in closed talks: "This is not the time for elections"

The chairman of the opposition stated in the same talks that he is also willing to give up the Justice portfolio: 

"The current government is abandoning the Iranian issue and this is the most urgent thing to address, everyone else will wait a moment"

Source: Moti Tochfeld - Twitter

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11:02 23.06.2022
Bibi is tip top! He’s a take charge and get things done leader! Being a US citizen I’ve always admired his leadership. Obviously here “USA” we have a fool as a leader………..
Raphael Porath 05:11 23.06.2022
An accomplished leader by int'l standards. Get more done on the domestic scene...your popularity will rise.
Elias Reuben 02:52 23.06.2022
Together Israel stands apart we beg Bibi should be PM again no other choice
Moshe Moses 02:25 23.06.2022
I pray to G-d Prime Minister Netanyahu comes back soon, Bibi is a safe pair of hand's
Anna Payton 02:19 23.06.2022
Yes Netanyahu please come back.
02:05 23.06.2022
I’m a lot more comfortable when Bibi is in charge.
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