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JUDEA AND SAMARIA: The war goes raging on!

A joint statement to the IDF spokesperson, the Shin Bet spokeswoman and the police spokeswoman:

In a joint operation by the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the Israel Defense Forces in the Jenin refugee camp, two high-ranking terrorists were eliminated by the IDF fighters, including the commander of the camp, Muhammad Zabeidi, who carried out shooting attacks in the sector and was involved in sending terrorists to the attacks

At the end of an operation to counter terrorism in the Jenin refugee camp in the Menasha Brigade under the command of the 646th Reserve Brigade, Dovdvan Reserve Unit, the IDF, Engineering and Special Forces fighters, under the intelligence guidance of the Shin Bet and the IDF, was eliminated by the IDF fighters, Muhammad Zabeidi, Commander of the Jenin refugee camp.

Zabeidi, a senior GAP operative, one of the main terrorists in the Jenin refugee camp, was involved in extensive terrorist activity and carried out shooting attacks as well as promoted other attacks in various ways.

He was involved, among other things, in the shooting attack at Harmesh Junction on 05/30/2023 in which the late Meir Tamri was killed, and in another shooting attack in the Gezra on 05/13/2023 in which a civilian and four IDF soldiers were injured. Zabeidi was indicted in the investigations as being involved in supplying vehicles for terrorist attacks and sending terrorists.

The IDF fighters surrounded the building where Zabeidi was holed up along with other terrorists and fired at the building. After searching the building, two terrorists were found who were killed - Muhammad Zabeidi and Hussam Hanon, and with them three M-16 weapons and cartridges that were used by them.

Also, during the operation, 17 wanted persons were arrested and during searches for weapons, the forces located and confiscated seven weapons, improvised explosive devices, ammunition and military equipment. One of the weapons was found on a gunman after he was caught and handed over to the forces.
During the activity, exchanges of fire developed and explosives were thrown at the forces who shot at the terrorists and hit them.

During the night, an IDF aircraft attacked an armed terrorist squad that was identified in the area and endangered our forces. Also, during the operation, the fighters located and destroyed an underground shaft and a lathe for the production of weapons.

In the Aqabat Jaber refugee camp, the fighters destroyed explosives that were found and in Hebron, five wanted persons were arrested, including a senior Hamas official, and Hamas flags were confiscated.

So far, since the beginning of the war, more than 2,000 wanted persons have been arrested throughout the Judea and Samaria Division and the Bekaa and Valleys Division, about 1,100 of whom are associated with the terrorist organization Hamas.

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mo colar 19:57 30.11.2023
[Anonymous] 08:37 30.11.2023
Most definitely a place now 👍🙏🇮🇱🌈🤩thank you God in Heaven
[Anonymous] 08:35 30.11.2023
That’s great keep up the great work of capturing these terrorists , & quickly bring them to court for their crimes & have them hanged for their crimes so they can never go back to Hamas
Heather Redden 20:39 29.11.2023
Only good terrorist… is a dead terrorist 😳 hope they repented before it was too late😬🔥🔥
[Anonymous] 20:06 29.11.2023
The world is a better place now.
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