Peace With UAE
UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed dies aged 73

During his time in charge, Khalifa bin Zayed has helped transform the UAE into a thriving regional power and a major business and technology hub. It was also under his administration that the UAE normalized ties with Israel in the historic Abraham Accords.

A period of mourning will begin effective immediately for 40 days, where flags will be at half-mast, the Presidential Affairs Ministry said.

Photo: Reuters


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Desiree Siefkas 02:05 14.05.2022
Prayers for his loved ones. I have heard his name in the news for many many years. He will be missed.
Bro Hes 21:26 13.05.2022
God bless his loved ones. Shabbat Shalom. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Anna Payton 19:39 13.05.2022
I'm so sorry to hear this, RIP. What you do unto Israel will be done unto you, so good will be done unto you. GOD BLESS.
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