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BREAKING: Code Color Red in Nahal Oz near Gaza border - IDF on alert!

A rocket was shot from inside Gaza 20 minutes ago and fell in an open field.

Iron dome identified the rocket and did not engage.

The IDF is on alert.

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Michael Sosne 22:56 18.03.2023
It is the fault of the progressive bleeding heart liberal democrats for all this crap around the world. Bring back the JDL and Trump
Jeanne Ferguson 21:54 18.03.2023
Put them out of Jewish land given by God.
Selina 17:24 18.03.2023
I hope the entire world sees the stupidity of giving a perfectly good piece of real estate to anarchist/jihadists. I don't blame Israel, they're innocent. I blame the wicked Liberals of the world.👎👎
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