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Bennett: "Be strong and do good. That's what we're about"

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's Rosh Hashana Greeting to Jewish Communities Around the World:
"Shalom from Jerusalem. I'd like to wish the Jewish people around the world Shana Tova and a happy New Year.
This last year has had its fair share of challenges for all of us, but what's really special about our nation, the Jewish nation, is that we never give up hope. We stay strong, we stay together, united, and we persevere in the face of challenges.
You know, when faced with the challenge of an invisible enemy, COVID, Jewish communities around the world came together to help one another, showing a great of sense of arvut hadadit, mutual responsibility, and proving that we're strongest when we're united.
Israel became the first country in the world to pioneer the third dose of the vaccine shot, with over 2 million Israelis who have already received their third shot. It's safe, it's working, and we're sharing all of the insights and information with the rest of the world. Because that's what we're about—pioneering and being a light, a light upon the nations.
So when we face the challenge of hatred for our mere being, be it in the form of antisemitism or the attempts by Iran and its proxies to destroy Israel, it's our resilience and defiance that make us even stronger. Today, we must live proudly, without fear. Jews cannot be afraid.
Our people are not only united by a common past, but by a shared purpose, a destiny—of doing good, of being a force for good in this troubled world. But for that, we have to be strong. Be strong and do good. That's what we're about.
We're an ancient people that's overcome the odds to achieve the impossible miracle called the State of Israel. We're a nation that's filled with hope, that we don't give up easily and we celebrate life. So here's to a year of new beginnings and new achievements. May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life, sefer ha'chaim. Shana tova to all of you!"
Video: Roi Avraham, GPO
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