Blinken Warned Taliban Could ‘Make Rapid Territorial Gains’ in March Letter

23 staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul signed a memo warning that the Taliban were about to take over Kabul and that evacuations needed to begin. The date was July 13, 2021. There was still a month left until the Taliban would enter Kabul. And that should have been plenty of time to conduct an evacuation and get American civilians safely out.

Weeks after the memo, Blinken was still insisting, all evidence to the contrary, that, “No one has an interest in a military takeover of the country by the Taliban, the restoration of an Islamic emirate.”

Notably, the letter that Blinken dispatched to Afghanistan’s president at the time, warned that the Taliban could “make rapid territorial gains”.

The letter, which Tolo got a copy of, shows that Blinken actually knew the risks of the game he was playing. Further, Blinken writes that even with the continuation of the US financial assistance to Afghan forces after an American withdrawal, he is “concerned that the security situation will worsen and that the Taliban could make rapid territorial gains” and that he shares this so that President Ghani “understands the urgency of my tone regarding the collective work outlined in this letter.”

So much for the  “I Knew Nothing” game.

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