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WATCH: Trump Grand Jury Forewoman's Kooky Cable News Blitz

What a Weirdo!

The forewoman of the Georgia special grand jury investigating former president Donald Trump might have jeopardized any possible prosecution by appearing on cable news and describing the investigation in detail. But she's enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, talking to networks and newspapers about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, subpoenas, and sketches of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.).

Forewoman Emily Kohrs in a CNN appearance this week smiled as she declined to say whether she had recommended charges against Trump. She had a similar reaction on MSNBC, smiling and shifting her eyes after saying she wouldn't "speak on exact indictments."

During the CNN segment, Kohrs said her "only request" in the investigation is "for something to happen."

"I don't necessarily know what it is," the jury member said. "But I will be frustrated if nothing happens."

Kohrs has told local papers that, during the proceedings, she drew "sketches of witnesses like Sen. Lindsey Graham" and swore in "at least one witness" while "holding a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popsicle stick," MSNBC noted. She also said that she has "never voted before."

Kohrs wanted to swear in Trump, she told MSNBC, because she'd get to ask him if he would "solemnly swear" to tell the truth. The jury ultimately did not subpoena the former president.

Kohrs's media presence could tank any possible prosecution of Trump, experts have said. One of Trump's attorneys told the Associated Press that Kohrs has talked about jury deliberations, violating her special grand jury oath. Multiple legal analysts, even from left-wing media, have said that Kohrs shouldn't be doing the media blitz. MSNBC's Barbara McQuade, for example, wrote that Kohrs's comments were "reckless" and come "awfully close to revealing deliberations."

Some attorneys have gone even further, with the lawyer for one witness telling the Washington Post that Kohrs has abused "the due process … of people who haven't been accused of a thing."

Source: Free Beacon/Youtube

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Amen amen amen saviòur help the righteous rule in peace.
KennyandKim Williams 11:28 26.02.2023
Pray that God will bless Trump and family in Jesus Christ name 🙏
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