Jerusalem Temple Mount
Police: Clashes at funeral march in the Old City [VIDEOS]

Police Spokeswoman (Jerusalem): In the last hour, riots have continued in the Salah a-Din area near the Old City of Jerusalem, including in the cemetery itself.

Hundreds of lawbreakers and rioters throw stones, rods and objects, shoot fireworks and try to harm police forces on the spot.

A number of policemen were lightly injured as a result of the stone-throwing, and the forces responded by dispersing the riots and working to repel the riots and disperse them.

We will continue to act resolutely and with a heavy hand against those lawbreakers and violators who have turned a companion into a show of unbridled violence.

# Jerusalem # Temple Mount Riots # Palestinian Terror
Orrei Barasch 02:18 17.05.2022
Maybe terrorist bodies should not be returned and instead buried in unmarked graves with non Hallal items to ensure no afterlife… it allows for no riots and dissuaded radicals who believe in virgins
Jukes D 19:53 16.05.2022
Yes, although the weather there is much like California, it rarely rains after the beginning of May, a cool shower would be benficial. L-rd have mercy.
Jesus Manuel 19:46 16.05.2022
Hope it rains there soon. h2o should cool the hotheads. Soon here in USA, we will celebrate Armed Forces day on Saturday Sabbath: 5/21/22. Memorial Day follows. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Pinchas Akiva 19:44 16.05.2022
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