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The Houthi terrorists are much closer to Israel than you think ...

Both Iran and Hezbollah have publicly claimed all along that they politically support the Houthis in Yemen but do not assist them militarily. This of course is in stark contrast to international intelligence reports.

Today, a Persian newspaper close to the Tehran authorities reports that eight senior Houthi commanders have been killed in recent weeks in fighting in Yemen's province. The interesting thing about the story is that the newspaper lists the names of the commanders and claims that they were trained in the camps of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran as well as in southern Lebanon by Hezbollah members.

From this it can be concluded that one or another number of Yemeni terrorists have been or are near our northern border and receive their military training based on Hezbollah's combat experience in the IDF.

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Louna Parrish 16:38 14.01.2022
Praying for more exposure of their evil deeds
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