The War in Syria
Israel confirms that it will continue to confront Iran in Syria

Defense Minister Gantz said Israel would continue to confront Iran in Lebanon and Syria, during a 36-man drone readiness test exercise participating in major maneuvers currently taking place in northern Israel.

He added, "Of course we are following everything that is happening on all fronts. We are now following Iran's policy within Iran in the context of its nuclear program, its power abroad and its impact in Syria and Lebanon."

He stressed the need for the world to work for a confrontation with Iran, and that Israel is ready to do whatever it takes on all fronts, especially on the northern front.

On Sunday, the Israeli army launched a large-scale military exercise on the borders with Syria and Lebanon.

"The exercise will be conducted in cooperation with reserve forces and as part of a month to increase readiness for combat in the Northern Command," the IDF said in a statement.

He added that "the area will witness intense movement of military vehicles and security forces, in addition to hearing explosions," noting that planning for the exercise is being done in advance as part of the annual exercise plan for 2021.

Last month, the Israeli army announced the opening of a month to increase readiness for combat in the Northern Command, with the start of a General Staff exercise that simulates a multi-frontal scenario, especially on the northern front.

He said at the time that military-level exercises and military maneuvers would be carried out simulating multi-armed, intense and ongoing combat, with the participation of forces in regular service and in reserve from the Northern Command headquarters and the rest of the army.

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Nick Horsky 13:44 17.11.2021
IRAN is out of control. Religious fruitcakes. They're crazy and deadly animals. Time to put the slime in a grave!
Dennis Bell 13:37 17.11.2021
Yes it is time to destroy iran. Do it like island hopping. Simply secure large areas around this infection. Make sure there is no infrastructure connecting the bases.
darrel snider 13:15 17.11.2021
Time to destroy iran
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