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WATCH: Russian Duma member: We won't nuke Ukraine, it is close, but Berlin and Britain is fine

Russian State Duma member Andrey Gurulev said in an interview on the state-run Russia-1 TV that Russia shouldn’t launch a nuclear attack against Ukraine because “we still have to live there”.

Instead, he said that Russia should strike Germany and Britain with nuclear weapons. 

He also said that it would be useless for NATO to invoke Article 5, as U.S. President Biden has suggested, if Russia turns the British Isles into a “Martian wasteland” in three minutes. 

In addition, he said that Russia should not be worried about NATO retaliation and that only an offensive attack can grant Russian victory. 

Source: Russia 1

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Gene Cox 20:13 22.09.2022
Russia keeps making threats and they might invoke a massive first strike on themselves and if they are stupid enough to launch a strike on anyone, they will quickly no longer exist!
Tony Pettitt 20:10 22.09.2022
If Russia does nuke Ukraine I hope all the fallout of the bomb blows into every inch of Russia. I would serve them right!!!!!
20:05 22.09.2022
One of the many millions of Russian idiots. Russia will never become a European country. In their minds and hearts they are totally imbued with the worst cultural traits of the barbaric Mongolians.