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Israel sold military equipment to Morocco, Bahrain and the Emirates for $800 million in 2021

According to the report of the PricewaterhouseCoopers website, the Israeli Ministry of Defense estimates that Israeli defense exports to Arab countries will exceed one billion dollars in 2022.

As a result of the Ukraine war and the Abraham Accords, Europe became the main buyer of Israeli weapons systems, which constitute 41% of Israel's defense exports.

This is according to a report by PWC, a global professional financial, regulatory and consulting services company. The report shows that Israel is in fifth place in the world in the index of attractiveness of air weapon systems. Israel rose in this index from eighteenth place to fifth place.

The report states that "Israeli defense expenditures range between 15 and 18 billion dollars on average per year. 

"The Israeli and American aerospace and defense industries are closely related to each other. Israel is a market for US-made components and subsystems, including in the aerospace field, and because of this it is currently ranked 10th in arms exports in the world in the last five years.

"The leading Israeli arms export, at 20% of the total, is entirely related to aviation: missiles and air defense systems. Israeli companies also have expertise in space and air reconnaissance systems, radars, drones and avionics."

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