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The Negev is the next place to visit in Israel

TIME magazine recently named Israel’s Negev Desert as one of the World’s Greatest Places for 2021. And for good reason, too, since despite its seemingly arid appearance the southern desert is one of the most fascinating places in the country.

The most remarkable thing about the Negev Desert, is the stunning views that emanate from absolutely everywhere. There’s the uniquely magnificent Makhtesh Ramon, the deep gorges of Zin Valley, the colorful Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains and the lunar landscape of Hamukei Nitzana.

To explore the magnificent views that make up the desert, we recommend that you get to know it by foot or cycling. If trekking and cycling aren’t really your thing, there’s still loads to keep you entertained in the desert. History and archeology at the remains of an ancient Nabatean cites, or jeep their way across the world-famous Spice (Incense) Route.

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Dalya Horowitz 05:29 02.10.2021
Take a ride to the bottom of the Machtesh. The most fun and so interesting.
Roy Dominguez 02:30 02.10.2021
Very interesting NEGEV DESERT...❤️❤️❤️
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