US - Israeli Cooperation
A senior American official: "If Israel did not exist, it would have to be invented"

An American official said in extraordinary statements and was quoted in the Israeli newspaper Maariv that "if Israel did not exist, it should have been invented."

This US official, whose name was not released, was quoted as saying that Israel is of central importance in US policy, explaining that "Israel is at the center, even if the Biden government succeeds in renewing relations with the Palestinians, we have laid the foundations to continue." 

Regarding Abraham's agreements with the countries of the region, the senior US official said that the US is constantly working to strengthen them and expand the circle of participating countries, emphasizing "we are making a lot of effort in this."

The same American official also referred to Egypt and Jordan, pointing out that US policy towards these two countries is influenced by Israel's relations with them, and that "relations with Jordan have returned to normal after the change of government in Israel and the formation of the Bennett-Lapid government. "The United States wants to encourage this relationship."

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Howard Amonick 02:54 21.12.2021
The Palestinian Arabs (and they should be referred by name that way) will continue to be marginalized by surrounding Arab nations who are fed-up with the uncooperative P.A. & hateful Hamas.
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