Biden will do everything he can to help Lapid

Despite outrage about interventions in its own elections, America has often sought to influence Israeli politics. Expect Washington to pull out the stops to try to sabotage Netanyahu.

Far from being an unwelcome development, the exit of Naftali Bennett from the prime minister’s office is good news for the Biden administration. It viewed Bennett—the leader of a small party that was actually to the right of the Likud and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—as a necessary evil. Since his decision to throw in with Lapid and the ragtag coalition of parties from the left, right, center and one Arab Islamist faction was the only reason that Netanyahu was ousted, Biden and his foreign-policy team treated him with kid gloves over the course of his year in Israel’s top job.

As reported by JNS
Image source: The Times of Israel

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Anna Payton 13:48 23.06.2022
Israel is forever. Illegitimate Joey is working out of the book of revelation.
Moshe Moses 13:25 23.06.2022
Satan Biden &Satan Obama both Evil 🇮🇱Israel haters, these two snakes have destroyed America, I pray to G-d Bibi Netanyahu comes soon & stands up Biden who by his wicked actions harming 🇮🇱Israel
Glenn Amburgy 13:19 23.06.2022
I prayer Psalms 91 over Israel every morning and ask GOD to send Michael and his angels to protect Israel!
Desiree Siefkas 13:05 23.06.2022
Prayers for Israel 🇮🇱 and the IDF. YVWH has HIS EYES on ISRAEL 🇮🇱 at all times
Darrell Brock 13:04 23.06.2022
Biden is so wrapped up in abomonations it is scary.
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