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Are Russian Jews in danger?

Are hundreds of thousand of Russian Jews in danger, and how is this connected to Israel's policy of not arming Ukraine?

On December 5, the Israeli public channel "Kan 11" revealed a Russian request to Israel not to interfere with Russia's actions in transferring Russian defense systems from Syrian territory to the battlefields in Ukraine.

According to the channel, in recent days talks were held between senior Russian and Israeli senior officials in this regard, and indicated that Russian officials hinted to the Israelis that Russia's loss in the Ukraine war would inflame the feelings of hostility towards the Jews in Russia, and that Putin is the one preventing this.

One of the aims of the Jewish state is to safeguard the wellbeing of Jews in the world. If this report, by on of the top Israeli news channels is true, you may have the reason behind Israeli policy of no arming Ukraine.

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Michael Sosne 22:33 18.03.2023
ALL JEWISH PEOPLE should go home to ISREAL. No country wants us and they will continue to be against ISREAL so we need to go home
Jeanne Ferguson 21:16 18.03.2023
The Jews need to go home from Russia to Israel. Jesus is coming and wants his Jews united. Christians need to support the Jews and Israel.
Pamela Hackner 21:01 18.03.2023
I think all the Jewish communities in Russia ( expecially the Jews on Shalichat in Russia i.e Chabad ) should leave a make Aliya , Putin is mad so none knows what he can do.
Phillip Avalos 20:38 18.03.2023
Very sad 😞
20:38 18.03.2023
So many sad situations in the world! And the lying on many, twisting them around. 🥵
Linda Bordy 20:32 18.03.2023