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GALLERY: "Maglan" SF Unit fighting in Khan Yunis

The "Maglan" SF unit is usually used as infiltrating deep enemy territory to conduct secret surveillance. They are proving in addition to be experts in close contact fighting.

The fighters of the Magellan unit of the commando formation continue to fight in the west of Khan Yunis, attacking targets by directing fire from the air, sniper ambushes and experiencing encounters from ranges of a few meters against terrorist squads emerging from hiding places.






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[Anonymous] 02:00 24.02.2024
Excellent work soldiers! 🙏 for your protection continuously. I stand with G-d’s army 🇮🇱 🇮🇱VICTORY IS AT HAND🇮🇱
[Anonymous] 01:03 24.02.2024
Go IDF G-d has gone ahead of you in this battle.
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