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The State Attorney's Office: Residents of Lod who physically defended the neighborhood during riots acted lawfully

The case against the residents of Lod who defended their neighborhood from a pogrom of an Arab mob, during "Guardian of the Walls" will be closed out of innocence, the Central District Attorney's Office informed Adv. Adi Keidar of the Honno organization, which represents three of the residents.

These are residents who on the first night of the riots in the city of Lod, had to go out and physically become a wall between a violent Arab crowd and the residents' houses. During the incident, the residents were attacked with stones, irons and Molotov cocktails, and were forced to fire in the air in order to keep the rioters away from the houses of the neighborhood. It was later alleged that as a result of the shooting, one of the Arab rioters was injured and found dead.

Advocate Adi Keidar Mahonnu, who headed the defense team of most of the suspects, said, "We welcome the State Attorney's Office's announcement of the closure of the case against the residents and the finding them innocent. At the same time, we emphasize that this is an event that began with riots against Jews who defended themselves, and I hope that the closure of this case is accompanied by lessons learned and correct conclusions 

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