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College football gets its first Orthodox Jewish player

Yeshiva high school graduate Sam Salz becomes the first Shabbat-observant player for an American college football team after joining Texas A&M “Aggies” football team.

Philadelphia native Sam Salz joined the team as a running back mid-season, and has since been training with the squad.
Salz said that as a Sabbath-observant Jew, he is forced to sit out nearly half of all the team’s games.

The Texas A&M sophomore says that “from the coaches to my teammates, everyone involved here has been extremely friendly & respectful.”

Along with his kippah, Salz sports a number 39 jersey highlights his religious identity, noting that it correlates to the 39 types of labor forbidden during the Sabbath under traditional Jewish law.

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[Anonymous] 01:59 02.12.2022
Congratulations on your accomplishment 🙌🏈🙌 Don’t listen to these Jesus freaks, be proud of your Judaism and stay the course ✡️
[Anonymous] 03:46 01.12.2022
Sabbath is for the people you can make this as looking to the Lord Jesus a rest while you’re playing football or playing a game same as if you were willing to run A race Jesus healed On the Sabbath
Tony Pettitt 03:27 01.12.2022
Convert to Christianity and play every day for there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!!!!!!
Selina 23:52 30.11.2022
Mazel Tov Texas A&M! You've got a great player! 🥳
[Anonymous] 23:28 30.11.2022
I got to say I don’t think sports andthe SabbathAreagood mix Jesus broke the Sabbath and thePharisees pointing fingers can’t heal on the Sabbath can’t play on the Sabbath for the people A rest
Jeanne Ferguson 23:27 30.11.2022
This is great! But he's just a normal young man that has his sabbath on Saturday.
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