Joe Biden
Biden's imaginary friend travels with him to Seattle!

This time, when Biden is leaving the stage, he not only greets his invisible friend, but even exchanges a few words with him.

Maybe his friend helped him by whispering difficult words to him during his speech?

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# Joe Biden
Emma Davidson 05:03 24.04.2022
He sold himself and our country to china. The chinese give him the orders as how to destroy our country. And he has dementia. His wife is a sick power hungry woman.
04:40 24.04.2022
Christ and his love will be in heaven loving each other live in forever instead of in a place of darkness forever and rather be with Christ it’s not too late to except him he’s coming For his chosen
04:37 24.04.2022
One thing about this pagan god of this world always double crosses his followers and they’re all headed to a place of darkness where they can lie to each other hate each other So people that know
04:34 24.04.2022
It’s interesting you say he’s Catholic this religion pagan Christianity has killed more Jew Islam is killed so many Jews In the name Of the pagan god hate Lie steel Unlike the true God Jehovah love
00:43 24.04.2022
What a PESTsident of the USA.
pflip521 22:57 23.04.2022
Maybe he's talking with Satan, or Casper the Ghost. He's not a good Catholic, he promotes murdering the unborn.
Bro Hes 22:31 23.04.2022
I say: get behind me unclean spirit, then say what is written: "you shall worship the Lord, your God, and Him alone shall you serve." All will work out. Amen אנה. USAGOP: 95% USMilitary.
Charles Baughman 21:37 23.04.2022
Obviously dementia
20:47 23.04.2022
נוצרים ברחבי אמריקה והעולם מתפללים לישועתו של ג'ו ביידן. אנו חיים בזמנים שניבאו על ידי דבר אלוהים. האהבה פחתה כפי שאמרו לנו כאשר תפילה היא התשובה.
20:19 23.04.2022
Sad the dems knew who they wanted for their puppet. j b is not running the USA 🇺🇸 very sad 😞. Keep praying for America 🇺🇸! Keep Praying For Israel 🇮🇱 Praise Jesus Christ!✝️🇮🇱❤️😇🙏
20:02 23.04.2022
Anna Payton 20:02 23.04.2022
Embarrassing illegitimate Joey idiot
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