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Ted Cruz: Fauci Thinks Masking Kids While Not Testing Illegal Immigrants Is ‘Science’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci for arguing that not testing illegal immigrants isn’t a risk while also arguing that giving in to teachers’ unions on school mask mandates is based in science.

Cruz said, “Fauci has demonstrated that he is just a Democratic talking head. He will go with the politics and he will change on a flip of a dime. I mean, you look at his answer there where he says, well, gosh two million illegal immigrants coming across, not testing them, releasing them COVID-positive, that’s no risk whatsoever. On the other hand, when the teachers’ unions asked the Biden administration to require kids to wear masks in schools, giving into the teachers’ unions because they’re political allies of the Democrats, that’s science too.”

Image: YouTube Screengrab

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David Paul 13:20 23.12.2021
It's not big pharma anymore, it's falling farma now.
Ikechukwu Obiwanne 13:20 23.12.2021
Great men are not always wise neither do the aged understood judgment. Job 32:9
Robert Nieves 12:26 23.12.2021
Sign of the times
darrel snider 11:28 03.12.2021
fauci the lying bastard needs hung by government niw.
03:32 03.12.2021
He is NOT even a medical doctor who sees and takes care of patients.
Rodney Dotson 02:57 03.12.2021
Realize that Big Pharma will never allow any studies that 1.) show that once one gets the African virus 2.) one is immune to COVID-19 even if one is immune!?!
Rodney Dotson 02:49 03.12.2021
Rodney Dotson, Is an American Medical Doctor: Rod Dotson,MD
Rodney Dotson 02:42 03.12.2021
Let this new “attenuated”Disease replaced COVID-19 Like “Cow Pox” replaced Small Pox!?! That is the Science behind the Small Pox vaccine!
Rodney Dotson 02:34 03.12.2021
It will “pay “ to wait and watch this new virus from So. Africa : 1.) very contagious 2.) mild-moderate disease,IE,not needing Hospital! 3.) gives immunity to regular COVID-19 4.) then bring it on!
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