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Kamala Attacks Israel During Civil Rights Commemoration

"The Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid... No excuses"

There is a timing for everything and Kamala Harris specifically picked this particular location to launch her verbal assault on Israel. The location is the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, often used by Democrats to wrap themselves in the ‘bloody sheet’ and stage attacks on Republicans.

There’s nothing coincidental about it.

Sometimes politicians have to upstage a pre-scheduled event to react to some breaking crisis, but that’s not the case here. There was no urgent story that Kamala was commenting on that required upstaging the Edmund Pettus Bridge commemoration. But much like Hamas supporters have sabotaged every event and made it about them, Kamala decided to take a black civil rights event and make it about Arab Muslim terrorists in Gaza.

In a very calculated opening, Kamala claimed that “before I begin today, I must address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

She ranted that “the Israeli government must do more to significantly increase the flow of aid… No excuses. They must open new border crossings. They must not impose any unnecessary restrictions on the delivery of aid.”

The rant was followed by some formal remarks about Israel having a right to defend itself against Hamas, and the threat of Hamas having to be eliminated, which was quickly contradicted by a call for “an immediate ceasefire — for at least the next six weeks”.

Some who have not been paying close attention may be surprised by this, but Kamala has been the highest-ranking opponent of Israel in the administration since Oct 7. She’s undoubtedly been pushing to be able to do this kind of thing for some time. “Let me loose, boss.” And as Biden increased pressure on Israel, he did.

Kamala gets to score some points with the Left. And considering her boss faces the real risk of losing the White House, potentially ending her career, she’s thinking about the future, and maneuvering to break away while blaming his defeat on failing to ‘get right’ with the Left. This will be one of those issues.

A functional president wouldn’t let his Veep pull this nonsense, but Biden isn’t all that functional.

Using Selma as a stage for bashing Israel is despicable, but that is who Kamala is. This was the woman who tried to accuse her future boss of keeping her in chains for opposing busing. Like the scorpion and the frog, Biden and everyone else knew who and what Kamala was before they brought her on board.

Image - Reuters

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[Anonymous] 03:58 17.03.2024
Will someone tell her Hamas takes all the aid by shooting down the people until they run away. Oh right, she doesn’t give a damn.
[Anonymous] 14:32 16.03.2024
Don’t worry 😉 Kamala going down the drain
Dick Puter 14:29 16.03.2024
Harris is an out and out communist. Would anyone expect her to say anything different? Hang on Israel until Trump gets re-elected. Then things will get better fast!
[Anonymous] 14:29 16.03.2024
The hoe should worry more about AOC district neighborhood labeled 'Third World' as migrants clog streets and prostitutes overrun every block
Marina Musoev 14:23 16.03.2024
She’s brainless, no one ever cared what she said before, why should we care now. Go back to laughing like a feel.. stop acting like you know something now.
Robert McMaster 14:21 16.03.2024
Kamala quit spreading hateful lies.Kamala ask all 22 Arab nations if the y did anything to better the world or even there own community. 22Arab 1 Israeli nat. Israel has made 10× worth contrib
Services 808 00:40 06.03.2024
Harris was, & always will be an ass wipe.
[Anonymous] 02:02 05.03.2024
It will be proven and the entire world will learn that she slept her way to the top, to her position as VP. I can hardly wait to see her downfall.
Preston Culp 01:46 05.03.2024
She’s an IDIOT and anyone who supports her is an IDIOT. She opens her mouth and stupid comes out
Sandy Grant 00:46 05.03.2024
Can’t even look at the joke of a “vice pressy”. What a load of garbage. Sick sick joke
[Anonymous] 23:08 04.03.2024
We all know they stole the election! She’s the word salad queen being lead by her masters!
[Anonymous] 21:43 04.03.2024
Go there and find the truth. You believe the Hamas woman and so don’t the squad
[Anonymous] 21:03 04.03.2024
It’s on Hamas leadership and their supporters to provide curb side services to the Gazanites not IsraelHamas Kamala.
Wayne Beal 20:01 04.03.2024
Imagine a 🌎 world without Liberals !!!!
Wayne Beal 19:59 04.03.2024
democraps are hateful, vicious, lying hypocrites
Heather Redden 19:39 04.03.2024
Wake up 🥱🥱DUMB-o-RATs are EVIL👺👺
R C 18:41 04.03.2024
Bitch! Vote TRUMP 2024
[Anonymous] 18:38 04.03.2024
She is full of crap.
[Anonymous] 17:25 04.03.2024
USA SHUT UP!!!! Israel has every right to make itself safe!!!
Dave Camp 17:04 04.03.2024
Can we be rid of her
[Anonymous] 16:42 04.03.2024
I love Israel, and pray for for them. This party covering our country is demonic.
Eric 16:08 04.03.2024
Like I've always said Israel is out greatest ally and obviously the Biden regime don't love the USA and what's best for it.YOU DONT ALIENATE YOUR BEST FRIEND IN AN EVIL WORLD.
[Anonymous] 15:55 04.03.2024
Her words have no value 😵‍💫
[Anonymous] 15:26 04.03.2024
Can’t believe that I am propelled to vote for Trump. Erosion of Israeli support by Biden and Kamela along with a myriad of other decisions by the democrats have pushed me away
a person 15:13 04.03.2024
Israel 🇮🇱 is forever, she needs to stop, she is putting all Americans in danger.
William Morgan 15:07 04.03.2024
Oh wait! I’m wrong! We give aid yinB,Antifa, criminal immigrants and crooked world leaders
William Morgan 15:05 04.03.2024
I’ve never heard of being in a war and providing aid to your enemy
Warren Ezra 15:03 04.03.2024
Does anyone even listen to this women?? She is the most ineffectual VP in US history🤣🤣 Thankfully it's almost over... 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱
[Anonymous] 15:03 04.03.2024
Bring more “Salad” to the Gaza.
[Anonymous] 15:02 04.03.2024
Stupid cow
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