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Middle East Analysis Daily Show - The Truth Behind the Balance of Power in the Middle East

In today's episode, former Dep Minister of Foreign Affair, Danny Ayalon explains: "The Truth Behind the Balance of Power in the Middle East" 

A great video for both those who do not know much about the history of Israel in the Middle East - or for those who wish to find a great video to help them explain these issues to someone else.


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Roger Jackson 02:28 11.12.2021
Out of hard compressed wood and plastic. After the war, no one will be able to venture where the battle will be fought for 7 months. Israel is apple of God's eye.
Roger Jackson 02:25 11.12.2021
Israel will be used of God to destroy those armies and I believe it will by nuclear means After that, Israel will burn their weapons for seven years. Russia now makes many of their weapons
Roger Jackson 02:22 11.12.2021
In Ezekiel's war, Russia, Turkey,Iran, and other Muslim nations will go to Israel to invade. After half of the city is taken, God is going to destroy foreign armies.
Gabriel Frank 22:25 12.05.2021
Lord we pray that You give your people victory, confound the devices of the enemy, amen
Richard Chapman 22:22 12.05.2021
21:36 12.05.2021
George Sagwe 20:51 12.05.2021
I call upon the entire saints of the almighty God to continue to stand with Israel in prayer in the name of Jesus' christ. Amen
Charles Wells 20:45 12.05.2021
Talking about David and Goliath, really huge difference in manpower and armaments. God🕎 bless 🇮🇱, just like David who was over matched.🛐
20:36 12.05.2021
Genesis 12:3-"...I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curseth thee..."! Israel will never be defeated, cuz the Lord God is with Israel. Romans 1:26-"...to the Jew first..."
20:27 12.05.2021
Greater is He that is in us, then he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4.
Sharon Otiende 19:24 12.05.2021
The media is portraying a totally different picture...May Almighty God fight for Israel as He has done all through..the battle is not ours, but the Lord's
Esther Kluge 19:19 12.05.2021
That's a really good video, great explanation ❤🇮🇱❤