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Iran Navy smuggling weapons to Somali "Al-Shabab" terrorists 

The Navy of the Revolutionary Guards expands operational maritime activity in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean

Israeli Defense Minister Bennt Gantz revealed at the "Economist" conference that Iran is establishing its military presence in the Red Sea. He added that this presence is "the most significant in a decade and poses a direct threat to world trade, energy and the economy."

Shortly before, a website reflecting positions against Iran-backed Houthi rebels reported by "special sources" that on June 28, Somali security forces in Bander Beyla off the Arabian coast, seized two weapons-laden boats attempted by the rebels Houthis, with the help of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, that were to be transfered to the Somali terrorist organization Al-Shabab al-Mahadin ("Al-Shabab").

According to the same report, the boats, operated by Somali and Yemeni teams, belong to Ahmad Matan, a Somali smuggler who was also responsible for the terror attack in Somalia in October 2017 in which more than five hundred people were killed. The smuggling takes place from Somalia to Yemen and in the opposite direction from Yemen to Somalia.

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