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Blind man in Gaza set himself on fire [VIDEOS]

Tonight in front of one of the branches of the Bank of Palestine in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Abu a-Rish, a blind man who lost his sight on the return marches, set himself on fire and is in critical condition and is being taken to hospital.

In a video released earlier this year, a-Rish recounts that he lost his sight in the Hamas "Return Marches", his children and wife died and he wanders from house to house, as all his relatives are unemployed. 

He calls for help from leaders Sinwar, Hania and Abbas. 

He further says in the video that they hate him, despise him and accuse him of faking his blindness, and being a drug addict.

The second video is from the scene weher he set himself on fire last tonight. 

Source: IntelliNews - Telegram

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Linda Trollinger 22:23 07.07.2022
I pray YESHUA is with this man
Desiree Siefkas 16:53 07.07.2022
Prayers for this man. As YVWH's spirit leaves the land human suffering will continue to increase. Survival needs include staying close to YESHUA and HIS WORD and TEACHINGS.
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