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Once Again, a US Democrat Administration is Interfering in Israeli Domestic Politics

An American hard-left NGO, the Movement for Quality Government (MQG), has been funding the recent anti-government protests in Israel.

The money was transferred to the Israel protest organizers via the US State Department which confirmed this funding calling MQG, a “non-partisan organization.”

This has received kickback in the Senate by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), a member of the House Armed Services Committee,  who objects to the misuse of funds for MQG’s political meddling in Israel by saying, “The State Department should never fund foreign partisan organizations in allied democracies.”

Banks went on to say, “If the shoe was on the other foot, the Biden administration would accuse Israel of interfering in our elections. Congress should absolutely review the State Department’s potential funding of partisan politics in Israel.”

The origins of US governmental interference in Israeli elections go back to a piqued President Obama sending his presidential election campaign team of 45 staffers to Tel Aviv in 2013, headed by Jeremy Bird, to oppose the candidacy of Benjamin Netanyahu after the Israeli Prime Minister had travelled to Washington DC to publicly oppose Obama’s financial appeasement to Iran over their nuclear missile project by organizing an anti-Bibi election opposition team called Victory 15 working under the direction of a political consultancy firm called 270 Strategies.

Their central slogan was “Anyone but Bibi,” but their interference failed with Netanyahu winning the election.

Now the same strategy is being played out on the streets of Israel today with mass protests funded by the US State Department and the New Israel Fund.

Dressed up as a public protest against judicial reforms, in reality it is a replay of the “Anyone but Bibi” motif once again funded by a left-wing Administration antagonistic against the current Israeli government.

Barry Shaw, Senior Associate for Public Diplomacy, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies

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[email protected] 23:30 15.03.2023
This is infuriating
Rene Aguiluz 23:23 15.03.2023
Democrats are against God Almighty they will pay dearly.No just that but promoting abominations such Homosexuality,transsexuals and Abortion.
Anthony Bowker 02:32 15.03.2023
The Democrats are the enemy within the USA and the enemy abroad meddling in Israeli elections with USA taxpayer funds .
01:01 15.03.2023
All that money should stay here to help Americans. This is nothing but spending our money to spread their control over Israel, How long can Americans put up with this. The money spend on that useless.
Suzanne Aladjem 23:35 14.03.2023
The Democrats are the arch e enemies of Israel, and the hysterical left in Israel . Enemies from all sides determined to destroy a sovereign state
Tzippy Bronstein 23:33 14.03.2023
Very disturbing