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No Way, Joe: Israel Rejects Dangerous Concessions Demanded Before Biden’s Visit

The concessions reportedly pertain to construction plans for the Jewish town of Ma’ale Adumim, a thriving community a few miles east of Jerusalem. The U.S., represented by Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara Leaf, wants Israel to cancel a hearing four days after Biden’s trip on construction of over 3,400 new homes for Israelis in Ma’ale Adumim, .

The new homes are desperately needed due to a housing crunch in the Jewish state.

Israeli officials reportedly rejected the demand to cancel the hearing.

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Michelle Kahn 09:26 19.06.2022
His handlers are just as rogue
Michelle Kahn 09:26 19.06.2022
Unfortunately although Israel is a powerful force in herself the USA still plays a huge part in her affairs. However they will not relent on this and other recent absurd requests!
13:15 17.06.2022
Why does America have a say in Israeli affairs?
Patricia Maple 02:20 17.06.2022
Bidens a Nut job. Nobody cares about what he has to say. Set down Old guy.
Emma Davidson 01:26 17.06.2022
I would tell the jerk "you are not welcome in Israel". Israel is a free and independent country and free to whatever they want. The Jewish people are the choosen ones. I love Israel & Israeli people
Karolina De 23:08 16.06.2022
Look at his demonic 😈 face
22:32 16.06.2022
God Bless Israel and God Bless America! President Trump is America's true President, not this old man!
Tony Pettitt 22:09 16.06.2022
Joe Biden can’t control his on country quit trying to control other countries especially Israel, you’re messing with God’s land and bad consequences happen to people who mess with God’s land!!!!!
Dean Davis 22:07 16.06.2022
Good, no need to delay construction 🏗️🚧✡️ Shame of Biden for even expecting something!
Jack Waloewandja 22:07 16.06.2022
Why would you listen to an old man who has few years left to live? He is a vey dangerous to the state of Israel, he stole the election
John Ross 22:04 16.06.2022
Biden a demented old man anti Israel POS