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Persecution of Jews in Muslim countries - EGYPT

This is the story of the Jews of the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA).

Between 1948-1972 almost a million Jews indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa were expelled or forced out of their homes by racist antisemitic Arab rulers. Even prior to 48, Jews faced horrific persecution. 

To this day no reparations have been made. 

Source: Brooke Goldstein - Twitter

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Soniya Christova 00:29 26.12.2022
Muslim religion is based on false ungodly antisemitic anchrist terror aggresors idoletry ideology with satanic evil plot to kill,to steal&destroy all nonmuslims&God's chosen Israel is main target
John Naulu 00:11 26.12.2022
Israel 🇮🇱 Jerusalem and the Jewish people are eternal. You are not unless you believe in the one and only who paid the price on Calvary that you may have eternal life. Continue “
John Naulu 00:06 26.12.2022
God’s Promises to the Jews all over the is “ yes “ and Amen ✝️💜🇮🇱 and for all Christian who believe in Yeshua as He is so are we in this world 🌎 Amen.
John Naulu 00:02 26.12.2022
Today is one of the most richest land of all times ISRAEL 🇮🇱. And wherever the Jewish people are that country will thrive prosper and will never lack. “ continue “
John Naulu 23:58 25.12.2022
The greatest Anakba of all times. The Jews in all Muslims countries were forced out of their homes to exile. This is the untold and the most Ankba of the human history. “ continue “
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