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Jerusalem Palestinian with terrorist past to be deported for new actions

Israel announced it has stripped a Palestinian lawyer of his Jerusalem residency and plans to deport him to France, saying the man is an activist in a terrorist organization. Salah Hammouri, who spent seven years in prison after being convicted in an alleged plot to kill a prominent rabbi, has returned to activities tied to terrorism

“It is not acceptable for terrorists like Hammouri to gain status in Israel.” Said Ayelet Shaked.
"Hammouri is a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group that is considered a terrorist organization by Israel and the US. He has worked as a lawyer for Adameer, a rights group that assists Palestinian prisoners, which Israel has banned for alleged ties to the PFLP."
He spent seven years in prison after being convicted of an alleged plot to kill a prominent rabbi but was released in a 2011 prisoner swap with the Gaza-based Hamas terrorist group. 

Source TOI/ Photo Flash90

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Jeanne Ferguson 14:15 02.12.2022
Deport them all. They want to change countries to follow their religion then go live in the country that is closes to it. Leave the free world alone.
Pamela Hackner 10:09 02.12.2022
At last. Deport the lot.
Donald Lerman 10:01 02.12.2022
First jail him for 20 years then deport him
Pebo Bohannon 09:25 02.12.2022
Bye-bye, terrorist. Good riddance.