Palestinian Terror
Police statement on the car ramming attack and the arrest after manhunt of the terrorist.

At the end of an extensive police chase, a suspect was found running over a Border Police fighter and stealing a car.

During the night, a report was received of a vehicle stolen from the city of Lod.

Upon receiving the report, Border Police forces and police who responded quickly, carried out roadblocks along the suspect’s escape route.

During the chase, a team of Border Police fighters blocked with barbs on Road 444 at the Givat Koach junction and prepared for the arrest of the suspect and the vehicle.

The suspect, quickly reached towards the checkpoint and attempted to break through it while boarding the spikes and trampling a Border Police fighter who was standing with the staff at the blockade.

2 Border Police fighters, responded quickly and fired at the vehicle and hit it.

The driver of the vehicle, continued on the escape and about 300 meters south of the barrier, abandoned the vehicle and started on foot.

Many Border Police and police forces, assisted by a police helicopter, were called to the scene and under the command of the Shefela Squadron carried out extensive searches and an extensive manhunt for the suspect for several hours.

Towards 06:00, the suspect was located by a team of border fighters in a thicket near the area where the vehicle was abandoned.

The suspect, a 29-year-old resident of Lod, was arrested and taken along with the findings for questioning by the Israel Police.

A Border Police fighter who was seriously injured during the operation was taken to Tel Hashomer Hospital, where he was anesthetized and respirated. The fighter (41), married and the father of five children, lives in Hadera and serves permanently in the Shahar Central Border Unit. His condition is serious but stable and his life is not currently in danger.

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