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The biggest beneficiary of the war in Ukraine ... Qatar, the "Patron" of Hamas

The war in Ukraine does not bode well for the world economy, certainly not when it comes to the energy economy and the European Union. There is no doubt that the big energy suppliers are "making a buck" following the price rise, but according to the Bloomberg agency, there is one country that is reaping more economic and political fruit than any other country.
This is Qatar, the small Gulf state, which has become the most recycled, among EU leaders. In recent days in the face of Russia's difficulties, Doha has received an unequivocal message from Brussels: "We need your gas as soon as possible." The fact that Qatar will host the World Cup later this year also contributes to the positive attitude towards it. In recent weeks the union has announced it is halting an investigation opened against Qatar in the past on suspicion of incompetent contracts for the sale of natural gas. The Union is also considering an exemption from visas for Qatari citizens.
It is estimated that the value of Qatar's energy exports this year will be over $ 100 billion, for the first time in eight years. This will allow the small oil empire to purchase more properties in the West in the coming months.

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Henry Lee 01:03 01.05.2022
A stroke of good luck has come your way Qatar. But be careful. There are those who envy you. May you give your profits to the world's poor.