The War in Syria
Breaking: US UAV hits terror leader in Syria

This morning, an American UAV officer fired a missile at a motorcycle belonging, according to estimates, to one of the commanders of the terrorist organization Haras a-Din, who is close to Al-Qaeda.

A Hyundai Santafa jeep that passed nearby, at the moment of the attack, was hit by the American missile and five of its occupants, in which women and children were injured.

The body condition of the target of the assassination makes it difficult to identify him.


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darrel snider 01:00 04.12.2021
Well done
Sam Johnson 23:40 03.12.2021
Good shot at the scooter, Sorry for the flying pieces , wars is hell huh!
Nick Horsky 23:24 03.12.2021
Heriberto Valhuerdi 23:18 03.12.2021
Time to nuke Hamas and their friends
Gene Cox 23:10 03.12.2021
Gene Cox 23:10 03.12.2021
One down and 20 million to go, time for a nuke test on big city’s
20:43 03.12.2021
Practice makes perfect
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