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Iran claims to produce missiles capable of overcoming Israeli defenses

'Israel should abandon its air defense systems, as advanced missiles are capable of overcoming them'

i24News reports that in the shadow of security tensions with the Western world, the deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Lieutenant-General Abbas Nilpuroshan, announced on Sunday that Teheran is producing a new generation of hypersonic missiles.

During his speech, he also referred to tensions with Israel, stressing that "Israel should abandon its air defense systems, as advanced missiles are capable of overcoming them."

In a statement to the Tasnim news agency, he said that advanced missiles can maneuver at a speed of Mach 14-15 and "are capable of defeating the Israeli regime's air defense systems." 

"Tehran has precise information on the workings of the Zionist regime," he asserted.

According to him, "Israel has claimed to have a system capable of intercepting hypersonic missiles, but this is a bluff and a psychological operation. I say with confidence that Israel's defense systems are outdated compared to the missiles we have developed."

Nilpuroshan also stated that "Iran has limited the missile range to 2,000 km in accordance with the order of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Khamenei, while obeying the country's operational doctrines and taking threats into account."

He noted, however, that Tehran had no problem technologically extending the range of its missiles.

Source - i24News/X - Image - Reuters

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04:43 12.09.2023
Take those systems out now. Be done with them!
18:33 11.09.2023
The Iranian government is asking for trouble.
Pete Pala 13:32 11.09.2023
It's such a silly thing by them. The most they can hope to do is overwhelm the defenses, period. They do not have stealth missile tech or anything else.