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UK: Muslim woman recounts, ‘Mum took me on holiday in Egypt… to have me mutilated’

We are constantly told in the West that FGM is cultural and has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. WRONG!

The article below from the repulsive Daily Mail follows standard establishment media practice in studiously avoiding any mention of Islam or Muslims, but the reality that no one dares to face is that female genital mutilation (FGM) is justified in Islamic law. 

Basma Kamel, 30, is a student at London Metropolitan University and she was a victim of FGM at nine years old, after going on a ‘summer vacation’ with her mother during her school holidays while still living in Egypt before moving to the UK in 2019.

‘She told me we were going on a summer vacation, but she had arranged to do this to me, encouraged by her friends and other mothers.

‘We went to a doctor in a special clinic where I had the procedure.

‘Honestly, I didn’t have any idea about what is going on.

‘The doctor told me it is only a small surgery and it wouldn’t be painful.’

But a week after undergoing the procedure Basma was bleeding, because the stitches were ‘open and had to be refreshed again’.

Ms Kamel said her mother never gave her a proper explanation why she had to have the circumcision, but added: ‘She said that this is something we all do for all girls, so every woman has to go through it.

‘She said it’s good for my future when I get married.

‘I didn’t really understand what the difference was when I was nine.’

Does the article interest you?
Suzanne Aladjem 06:23 25.01.2023
Brutal child abuse
02:45 25.01.2023
It’s twisted, barbaric and abusive.
Delma Domagalski 01:45 25.01.2023
It's abuse
Jeane Frady 01:34 25.01.2023
How absolutely appalling for a mother to consent n assist in this brutality.