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Middle East Defense Network Against Iran is Already Working 

The U.S. hopes to use President Biden's upcoming visit to the region to publicly announce the launch of a regional aerial defense system against Iran.

In practice, there is already sweeping cooperation between the Americans and various Mideast countries, in intelligence sharing, linked radar systems and deployment of interception methods.

Source: Amos Harel (Ha'aretz)

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05:41 28.06.2022
Bumbling Biden is a Disaster on everything! He destroys everything he that is decent ! If he gets his way their Won’t be a United States 🇺🇸
Moshe Moses 04:37 28.06.2022
Sorry I meant to say Biden wants to remove sanctions off Iran which will allow Iran to cause more cause more violence in Mid East
Henry Lee 04:32 28.06.2022
Under Biden 's leadership anything can happen. As long as he can find an excuse the world is willing to accept and move on. His humble nature is his advantage. God bless USA and Israel. Amen!
Moshe Moses 04:32 28.06.2022
Now Biden the firebug thinks he can undo the trouble he caused, sorry Biden you failed as 🇮🇱Israel & it's Arab neighbors have already have measures in place for their own defense.
Moshe Moses 04:24 28.06.2022
Also Biden wants to leftover sanctions which will allow the best to cause more violence in Mideast, & last of all Biden wants to take off US terror list Iran Revolutionary Guard.
Michael Laybourn 04:22 28.06.2022
This is very hard to read. Edit before posting.
Moshe Moses 04:19 28.06.2022
Biden the firebug started the fire by trying first trying to negotiate the nuclear deal with Iran state sponsor of terror who keeps says it wants to G-d for bid wants to destroy Israel.
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