The War in Syria
The Iranians are building underground weapons depots in the Tadmor Mountains in the Syrian desert

This week, fighters from the Iran-backed Afghanistan-led Bait Brigade and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia began building medium-range ammunition and missile bases with the support and supervision of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, inside the Tadmor mountain range in the center of the Syrian desert.

A knowledgeable source told the Syrian media network - "Eye of the Euphrates" that the militias began building observation points and protecting the warehouse area in the Tadmor mountain range in the eastern rural area of Homs, and even brought military reinforcements and bulldozers to carry out the work.

A reporter from the "Efrat" network obtained exclusive photos showing part of the excavation and erection of the tents inside the Tadmor Mountains, after the installation of roadblocks on the main and side roads to prevent anyone from approaching the area.

It is worth noting that during September the Iranian Revolutionary Guards completed the process of excavating two warehouses in the northern Tadmor Mountains, where we stored ammunition and state-of-the-art missiles.

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Rodney Dotson 19:25 07.01.2022
What can we do? Wait for them to build up stock in them, then set off secondary explosions!?!
Thomas Kopper 19:15 07.01.2022
Send in the j-dams
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