Peace With Morocco
Report: Morocco wants to produce Blue Bird UAVs in its territory

According to publications in Morocco, the security agreement between the countries allows for the transfer of knowledge in favor of the establishment of two factories in the territory of Morocco. In the aerospace industry do not refer to publications

In recent weeks, Defense Minister Benny Gantz has been flying to Morocco to visit, as part of which a security agreement has been signed. The agreement means that Israel can sell knowledge to Morocco.

According to a report by defensa, which is based on media in Morocco, there is a desire of Rabat to set up two factories to produce Blue Bird UAVs. "It has not yet been decided whether the factories will be established in the north or south of the country," the report said.

I will mention that the UAV deal between Blue Beard and Morocco was signed before Gantz left for Morocco. Blue Bird sold half of its ownership to IAI following this deal.

The establishment of UAV factories in foreign countries is not an uncommon activity. There are Israeli UAV factories in India, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and more. It is likely that the Moroccan Ministry of Defense's request for independence in the production of UAVs was part of the original purchase agreement.

In recent years, local production conditioning has almost become the norm in large arms deals.

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