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'When IDF fought Gaza terror, we fought their disinformation'

Head of the National Public Diplomacy Directorate Lior Haiat spoke with Israel Hayom about how his unit worked to uncover Palestinian lies during Operation Breaking Dawn, including an attempt to present a failed Islamic Jihad rocket launch, which hit Gazans, as an attack by the Israeli military.

Israel Hayom quoted Haiat:: "We immediately understood that there was an emergency here that could potentially become a public diplomacy disaster, which would have an impact on the course of the operation and a political impact," said Lior Haiat, head of the National Public Diplomacy Directorate at the Prime Minister Office.

"We quickly contacted IDF Spokesperson, the Shin Bet, and IDF South Command officials to understand exactly what happened, and created a message that consisted of two parts: clarifying the fact that Israel was not responsible for the incident, and presenting evidence that the Islamic Jihad was to blame."

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Selina 16:52 16.08.2022
Israel doesn't do anything lousy. Precision and excellence is how to win wars. Lousy only begets more lousy. God bless. Peace.
John Ross 15:35 16.08.2022
Israel should Create some lousy missiles so they can pass for the Palestinian missiles or rockets fire them from the sea into Gaza and I think that it was their own missiles that hit them that  failed
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