Bennet-Lapid Government
Former Arab MK: Jews want to pray at Temple Mount? Change your religion!

'Jews have nothing to do on the Temple Mount - you want to pray? Change your religion,' former Arab MK Abbas Zakour says.

Abbas Zakour, a member of the Shura Council and a former Knesset member, told the Panet website and Panorama newspaper that, "Ra'am has submitted its demands to the government in order to serve our people, and if the government and the one who heads it respond to these demands, then we will continue [to be part of the coalition], and if they do not accept [the demands] then we will leave the coalition."

Source: Israel Nation News
Photo: Arabs riot on the Temple Mount - Jamal Awad/Flash90

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Byron Scherer 03:58 11.05.2022
Israel this is caused by your unwillingness to posses the land you were told to. When will you submit to the Lord. Joshua asked this thousands of years ago. Appeasement only brews terror.
Suzanne Aladjem 22:35 10.05.2022
Time to get rid of this weak Government and the Arab traitors sitting in the Knesset, how dare he say to change our religion tell that to the Pope 😡😡😡
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