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Jewish Man Murdered in Morocco

An Israeli citizen was stabbed to death in the Moroccan city of Tangier.
According to reports in Morocco the victim, identified as a 36-year-old owner of a kosher restaurant in the city, was apparently giving food to a homeless person when he was attacked and stabbed with a small knife.
The victim died on the way to the hospital. Police investigating if the assault was Antisemitic or nationalistically motivated.
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Judith Wilkerson 19:01 07.09.2021
Amen all of you are speaking the truth. It’s all in the Hands of Jesus. Shalom
Justice Sunday 21:07 27.08.2021
Abide in the love of Jesus Christ, because more of persecution still to come, but he that endures to the end shall be saved
サモンテロサリア 02:54 27.08.2021
We will wait until the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ, He is the only one that can give perfect peace in this world
Emmanuel Robert 02:49 27.08.2021
This is wickedness and evil
Ted Lewis 02:21 27.08.2021
Our world is lost! Until JESUS CHRIST RETURNS. It's just going to get worse! I pray for all Jewish people and Christians. Prayers for ISREAL, the IDF and America! From the big town of Mart, Texas.
Anna Payton 02:20 27.08.2021
GOD help the world, JESUS is coming soon 🙏, 🙏 🙌
Kevin Flynn 02:19 27.08.2021
Without understanding the love of G-d in Christ, there will be no end of hatred in the human heart...
Kevin Smith 02:09 27.08.2021
What's wrong with this world. So much hate. GOD watch over your people. GOD BLESS ISRAEL & all its people. My prayers are always with y'all. Love from Austin, Texas.. 🇺🇸
LARQUIN ABEYTA 02:07 27.08.2021
Adoni,please help people stop hating!!!