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BREAKING: IDF Attacks in Gaza [VIDEOS]

The site attacked is one of the largest and most important sites in the Gaza Strip for the production of rocket raw materials for terrorist organizations.

The attack on the site will significantly complicate the rocket production process in the Gaza Strip, with the aim of undermining the intensifying capabilities of the Hamas terrorist organization.

* IDF continues to attack Hamas terrorist weapons production sites *

IDF Spokesman: Fighter jets recently attacked another military site of the terrorist organization Hamas, which has a facility for the production of weapons.

The attack was carried out in response to rocket launches and machine gun fire from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory.


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Anna Payton 12:13 16.07.2022
The plo should never be taken off the terrorists list.
Anna Payton 12:11 16.07.2022
IDF your only protection is GOD, so continue on, do what you need to do.
John Naulu 04:53 16.07.2022
I said wipe them all out and you will have peace. If you don’t than fighting them shall continue until Yeshua returns ✝️
Tony Pettitt 04:36 16.07.2022
And they want Biden to remove them from the terrorist list. Yeah right!!!!!
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