Iran Deal
Kerry worked actively to undermine Trump administration’s Iran policy

Kerry met with Iran’s Zarif in 2018, worked actively to undermine Trump administration’s Iran policy

“ACLJ Obtains New Memo in State Department Lawsuit Unveiling Unreported Obama-Era Officials’ Secret Meeting With Iran’s Zarif During Trump Administration,” by Jordan Sekulow, ACLJ, May 24, 2022:

The Boston Globe put it this way:  “Kerry is quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft.”

The ACLJ put it a bit more bluntly: “John Kerry tried to undermine President Trump in order to support Iran, putting our national security at risk.”

We launched a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the State Department, seeking records of State Department awareness of or involvement with Obama-era U.S. officials – aka, the Deep State – employing undercover backchannels in an effort to undercut President Trump’s cornerstone foreign policy of withdrawing the United States from the disastrous Obama/Biden Iran Deal.

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Kevin Mahaney 21:55 30.05.2022
Never trust these DEMORATS!! They are under Obama's evil spell. The U.S. is being run by traitors and TERRORISTS!!
Dalya Horowitz 11:56 30.05.2022
Kerry is the worst kind of traitor to his country. And, by the way, a huge antisemite.
Charles Baughman 03:40 30.05.2022
Kerry has been a traitor from the beginning.
C & 00:55 30.05.2022
The government of the nations is on the shoulder of Jesus Christ our Creator! His righteous government will be established! "Righteousness and JUSTICE are the foundation of God's throne!" Psm. 89:14
Anna Payton 00:32 30.05.2022
Yes he should be in prison for communism and treason
Danny Brackett 00:19 30.05.2022
This is a violation of the Hatch Act
Dave Nowak 00:16 30.05.2022
I agree
00:09 30.05.2022
The USA is a fallen empire. God’s plan is being completed and we don’t know how our country will end up. Citizens of heaven’s loyalty is not in human government. Salvation for all is available
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