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Unlike others, Netanyahu is not limited by Israeli "political myths"

Netanyahu has successfully deconstructed some major Israeli political myths.

The first was that any Israeli prime minister wishing to retain his seat must stay on the good side of the US president.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir’s 1992 election defeat, for example, was down in some measure to his falling out with President George H.W. Bush.

Netanyahu, on the other hand, turned his hostile relationship with President Barack Obama into an electoral asset.

The second is that political parties must have important ex-military leaders. The Likud has none, but is still the largest party in Israeli politics.

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La Jun 05:57 23.09.2022
John Ross you're an idiot like your mom.
Barbara Fix 05:35 23.09.2022
Netanyahu descends from erudite/strategic-thinking Milakovsky clan &grasps Israels vulnerabilities/threats(such as Obamas vicious hatred of Israel/funding enemy Iran) Bibi is G-d’s choice.
05:27 23.09.2022
You may not like Bibi but the Lord does. If he gets prime minister then you will see Trump come back. The prophets are claiming it
John Ross 05:07 23.09.2022
Bibi is a bozo.. enriching his rich buddies.. thinks he’s Israel’s emperor!! He’s full of 💩